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Top 5 Cutest Food-Inspired Cosmetics

Korea’s cosmetics (or products in general, even!) are known to be those encased in the cutest packaging, and we-re not surprised that they ended up taking the path of a food concept! Korea is great with coming up with packaging concepts, and they just so happened to combine two of the best things ever: food and cosmetics!  some of the cutest food-inspired products and added in a bit of description for you to learn more about them. If any of these end up in your online shopping carts, we’re not really sorry 😉

1. The Saem Chocopie Hand Cream
The Saem just took one of Korea’s most famous snacks and turned it into a cute hand cream! Twist the packaging into half and there you have your creamy hand cream! It claims to provide natural moisturizing care and a sweet scent! It also feels real soft and fluffy, like a marshmallow or whipping cream!

2. Banana Milk Lip Balm, Hand cream, and Body Wash
Another famous Korean-favourite: Banana Milk! Just a few months ago, the banana milk craze got a banana milk cafe to come to life, and now we have cosmetic products that come in the shape of the infamous milk! The products also come in strawberry flavour, just as delicious if you ask us!

3. Skinfood Gummy Bear Jelly Hand Gel
Gummy bears are an all-time run-to snack, and they now have transformed into an all-day skincare product too! If your hands are feeling dry, whip out a gummy and squeeze out some jelly to keep your hands moisturized and soft! Each colour of the gummy bears carry a different scent, with some being pineapple, raspberry, kiwi and orange!

4. Peripera Vivid Water Tint
Water tints in water bottle shaped containers? How cute is that!? These tints provide vivid, lasting colours that can help you achieve both full and gradient lip makeup looks!


5. Chupa Chups Lip Lacquer

One of today’s most famous! These lollipop-shaped goodies come in various flavours (or shades heh) that look as sweet as it should be! You can choose from Strawberry&Cream which is a pink shade, Strawberry which is red, and Orange which is.. well, as the name states, orange

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