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Discover The Legend Of The Blue Sea’s Filming Sites In South Korea

Feel the love as you stroll around The Legends of the Blue Sea’s filming locations! K-Dramas have boomed once again and it no doubt that The Legends of the Blue Sea is one of todays hottest shows. The drama is led by Lee Minho and Jun Jihyun, two of Korea’s award-winning actors! This drama also interestingly features both olden and modern Korean age! All the twists and turns in this story definitely makes this worth a watch! Now, if you have watched this drama, or if you’ve just heard of…

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SBS’ Legend of the Blue Sea beats all the Wednesday-Thursday dramas

Legend of the Blue Sea continues to dominate the Wednesday-Thursday drama time slot with their episode 18! Based on the statistics released by Nielsen Korea the pilot episode of MBC’s “Missing 9” earned 6.5% ratings making it the 2nd most watched drama in terms of viewership ratings. SBS’s “The Legend of the Blue Sea” is unbeatable with their 18.3% ratings, but the 17th episode had 20.8 percent. KBS2’s “Naked Fireman” had 3.6 percent ratings for its 2nd episode and 4.1 percent for the 3rd episode. Congratulations to the cast and…

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Legend of the Blue Sea Jun Ji Hyun’s Makeup Must Have

What keeps a Koreanophile busy nowadays? It’s binge watching to current K-dramas specially “Legend of the Blue Sea” starring Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho. It’s a hit in Korea and International Fans are also going gaga over this fantasy drama. Filipino fans are not an exception and even non-korean fans tuned in to this drama and their pictures and videos are going viral left and right. Also, it’s seems like a tradition that we fans copy their style, fashion, makeup or anything that’s inclined in the drama. Remember Boys Over Flowers’ Jandi…

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