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10 Signs You’re Getting The K-Drama Addiction

We listed the 10 signs that will prove that you’re already getting that “K-Drama” Addiction, so let’s start!   1) Late ka na matulog, almost everyday. (Kasi nga, naghahanap ka ng mga K-drama na sunod papanoorin)      You sleep late nowadays. (Because you’ve been checking out several Korean dramas to watch)   2) Bigla mo na lang gusto kumain ng any Korean food. (Hindi ka naman dati fan ng kimchi, ramyun, kimbap etc. pero ngayon gusto mo na siya kainin.)      You now crave for Korean food. (Before, Korean…

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Kim Soo Hyun renews contract with KeyEasy Entertainment

Actor Kim Soo Hyun continues to partner with his current agency Keyeast. Back in 2010, he first signed his contract then recently entered into an exclusive contract with them once more. Keyeast’s entertainment business head, Yang Geun Hwan, announced the news on December 19 and showed his great appreciation towards the actor, saying, “Kim Soo Hyun has been with us for the past seven years, who leads the new Hallyu wave while receiving love and support from fans here and around the world. We are hoping to support each other…

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