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Discover The Legend Of The Blue Sea’s Filming Sites In South Korea

Feel the love as you stroll around The Legends of the Blue Sea’s filming locations! K-Dramas have boomed once again and it no doubt that The Legends of the Blue Sea is one of todays hottest shows. The drama is led by Lee Minho and Jun Jihyun, two of Korea’s award-winning actors! This drama also interestingly features both olden and modern Korean age! All the twists and turns in this story definitely makes this worth a watch! Now, if you have watched this drama, or if you’ve just heard of…

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Discover The Goblin’s Filming Sites In South Korea

Still riding the Goblin wave? It’s hard to get over and move on from this chart-topping drama, we know. Apart from the cast and plot, the places they filmed at looked pretty aesthetic, or was it just us? With places as pretty as these, we’re not keeping the dishing of information all to ourselves! We’re here to share with you some of Goblin’s filming sites! For your future photo spots, perhaps? Goblin’s Home Goblin’s home isn’t actually exactly a home in real life; it’s a part of Deokseong University in…

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