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Legend of the Blue Sea Jun Ji Hyun’s Makeup Must Have

What keeps a Koreanophile busy nowadays? It’s binge watching to current K-dramas specially “Legend of the Blue Sea” starring Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho. It’s a hit in Korea and International Fans are also going gaga over this fantasy drama. Filipino fans are not an exception and even non-korean fans tuned in to this drama and their pictures and videos are going viral left and right. Also, it’s seems like a tradition that we fans copy their style, fashion, makeup or anything that’s inclined in the drama. Remember Boys Over Flowers’ Jandi…

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Christmas Gift For Yourself: Althea Trendy Box!

We’re all guilty of online shopping, spoiling ourselves and always stating the mantra “Online shopping is like a gift from me to me”. I know most of us are already searching for gifts to meet your desires specially on this season (Hello, bonuses!) or maybe you’re looking for a two in one purpose like a want and a need. There are parties left and right, wanting yourself to look glamorous as ever… and here’s the right eye makeup that we find perfect for you and a gift as well. Althea Korea…

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