Song Joong Ki’s FORENCOS Review

IMHO, The Korean beauty brand “FORENCOS” (For Environmental Cosmetics) became well known to many because of our dear oppa Song Joong Ki (he’s the current endorser) and also GFRIEND who used it back in “SHOWTIME” days.

We’ve known and trusted several brands such as Etude House, Innisfree, Laneige and many more. We wanted to know if FORENCOS will also be part of our sought after Korean brand so we’ll be reviewing their cushion and two lip products that are personally picked by big boss himself!

So let’s start!


Forencos Full Cover Cushion

What it claims: Perfect  cover, Covers blemishes and soft texture, moisture looking glow all day long

Color Matching: ★★ ✩✩ ✩

I used #23 (my usual Korean foundation  color) and it’s lighter than the usual ones

Packaging: ★★★★✩

A bit bulky (because cushion nowadays are slim) but I love the rose gold lining.  ROSE GOLD is ♥)

Scent: ★★★★★

Does not have a strong smell. Flowery like scent

Coverage: ★★★✩✩

Gives medium coverage (not like the ones they claim)

Lasting Power: ★✩✩✩✩✩

Nah gurl.



2 stars over 5! Sorry Song Joong Ki but I’m not a fan of this cushion. Maybe because it doesn’t suit my color, skin type, etc. It accentuated the dry patches on my nose and cheeks. I usually use 21 or 23 and their #23 Cushion is still too white for my skintone.  It gives medium coverage. It’s not long lasting as well T.T I think it faded on me almost after 2 hours of using it. I didn’t use any powder to check its longevity. Maybe it’s not suited for humid weather like ours (Philippines). I believe this cushion is great for those who have combination skin type and for those who have really good skin like; no bumps and all no dryness etc. It’s like covering just little blemishes and have that semi Korean dewy skin. I give this cushion 2 stars – one because Song Joong Ki and GFriend endorses/uses it and two, Rose Gold is my weakness and I love their packaging.

I don’t want to generalize all the cushion of Forencos and I would like to try Song Joong Ki’s signature cushion. Maybe that has a better formula than this.


You can buy the Forencos Full Cover Cushion here.


Forencos Retro Classic Lip Crayon Lipstick




Colors: ★★★★★

It has seven different colors. I got the Retro Classic Orange 01 (Perfect for Summer) and Retro Classic Red 02 (Perfect for lazy makeup days. Just brows and lipstick and you’re good to go)


Packaging: ★★★✩✩

The usual crayon stick type but in an “enviromental” way

Scent: ★★★★★

does not have a strong scent

Lip Product Type:

Matte Crayon

Lasting Power: ★★★★★


Retro Orange

Retro Red (Chili)


5 stars!!! I’m inlove with the lip crayons aaaaand Song Joong Kiㅋㅋㅋ I’ve been stuck with my Bbia lipsticks for almost a month because of it’s “LilyMaymac-ish” pretty color and it’s long lasting power but after trying out these Forencos lip crayons, I changed my lip wear specifically on the red color. The color is super pretty, not the classic super duper red but a toned down red if it makes sense. I’ve been using it almost everyday also because of it’s lasting power. I like to eat and drink and this lipstick stayed on me, more than my feelings for the second male lead LOL.

It’s really a gem, promise. It’s also easy to do gradient or full lip whatever ur preference is. The orange color is great for summer vibe but it’s actually hard to pull off if you’re not the experimental person.


What I want to recommend on FORENCOS products:

The lip crayon ofcourse. I think I’ve said enough HAHA. Their 7 Day Mask Sheets. I’ve tried it before and it’s an okay one – plus hello, Song Joong Ki’s face is all over the packaging. And you should definitely try their moisturizer. It was even featured on Get It Beauty and also used by GFRIEND once again.

Check it here:


You can get all the authentic Forencos products here:

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