Even our smiling angel Daesung just can’t get enough of it. Who wouldn’t love the taste of yummy waffles though?

Here I am for the Part 3 post. I know, Even I am getting hungry in each posts too! What more if you were actually standing right infront of that particular restaurant/cafe? I’m sure you would never missed their foods and specialties. And if you’re lucky, probably you might be able to see the oppas too.


If you haven’t read the previous posts. you may click here for your guide: Part 1 | Part 2




If you love waffles, this place is a must-go. It is located at 03085, 90, Dongsung-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea (Jongno-gu, Dongsung-dong 31-14).



owned by no other than the singer-songwriter, producer, actor, businessman Lee Seunghyun or SEUNGRI, A member and the maknae of a KPOP Group namely BIGBANG. Born in Gwangju, South Korea. He was also known to his dancing skill and also participated in the dance group called “Il Hwa”.

Aside from being a member of Bigbang, he also has a solo activities in music industry (Strong Baby, VVIP, What Can I Do, Let’s Talk About Love), acting career (Why Did You Come To My House, 19 – with his co-member T.O.P, Angel Eyes – with Goo Hye Sun) which gained alot of popularity and recognition in music charts, music shows and drama ratings.




♥ Seungri has established two branches of music and dance academy namely Joy Dance – Plug In Music Academy or Seungri Academy which is located in Gwangju, it has branches in Seoul, Daejeon and Mokpo.

♥ former student of Chung Ang University in 2010 but dropped out in 2012 due to his hectic schedule in Bigbang.

♥ Aside from being involved in Entertainment Industry, He was also having his own stocks and shares in different business fields involving both local and overseas.





AND Here Cafe offers waffles of Rieju, Belgium. In addition, they also offers pizza, beer, coffee and tea. They also has these personalized mugs, mini stuff toys and alot of pandas, and even signed photocards which the customers can also purchased.



Inside the cafe is spacious, has a modern interior design. On the second floor,  you can also catch small performances from Indie Bands. Another thing is that, Seungri’s sister Hana who is also managing the cafe also performs and sings live. (Try to watch her clip singing That XX by GDRAGON).

Contact: +82-2-744-8464

Website: http://andhere.co.kr

Official Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/andhere01/

How to get there:

Subway: 300m by walk from Exit No. 1 and 2, Hyewa Station, Subway Line No. 4.


(Disclaimer: all photos used on this posts are credited on their official websites, official pages, fan photos and also to the rightful owners.)



Wait! Hang in there! Seems like someone’s asking for a chocolate.

c) orig09 @ deviantart


Clue: Wanna know who’s my “Hero”? Stay tuned on the next post and surely, you’ll love to go and have a taste of the desserts on his cafe.


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