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How To Moisturize Skin The Korean Way

If you’re looking for the best products that will hydrate and moisturize all skin types at the same time, or you’re a beginner in Korean Skincare, then this post is for you!

Klairs‘ is a popular Korean brand that caters products that are affordable yet effective. Most of my favorite Youtube personalities raved about this brand and I also want to know the reason for its hype.


I’ll be sharing my honest thoughts on their soothing cream, soothing serum and their soothing masks, so let’s get started!

First of all, my skin type is dry so I got excited trying these products as they are claiming the effectiveness on hydrating and moisturizing the skin.



klairs soothing cream

What it claims: Moisturizing and soothing care. A comforting, deeply hydrating moinsturizer, contains a rich blend of hydrating ingredients free of dyes, fragrances and animal based components. It’s vegan friendly

Packaging : ★★★✩✩

simple one touch tube, hygienic, and contains 60ml

Scent: ★★★★★

no scent

(c) Wishtrend


It’s an okay product. It does it’s job in moisturizing, while the cream is quite thick so I advice that you use this at night time. Don’t apply this cream under your makeup because it might cake up your foundation specially for humid climate like the Philippines. This is the product I can recommend if you’re starting on Korean Skincare. The product’s claim is oh so true, getting your money’s worth.

Tip: Pea size amount is okay for the cream. A little goes a long way




klairs serum

What it claims: A magical skin care serum that makes your skin softer and replenished with moisture. Keep your skin radiant and glowing throughout the day

Packaging: ★★★★✩

glass like bottle with pump for hygiene purposes, It looks luxurious yet it’s actually affordable

Scent: ★★★★★

no scent

(c) Wishtrend


I like this serum and I can also recommend this to all skin types. My mom also used this serum (she has oily skin) and she loved it as well. If you’re like me wherein you’re skin is dry around ber months and gets oily on T-Zone when it’s summer, you should definitely get this serum. This serum is also great for moisturizing and we really need it on our skincare routine. After applying it, it absorbs quickly on skin and doesn’t have that sticky feeling after. My skin feels soft after using this and I don’t get dry patches when I use this under my makeup.

Get this if you’re on a budget and you don’t want to change your skincare every now and then because this is an all around serum.

One pump is enough for entire face.




What it claims: 100% pure organic cotton to minimize irritation and upgrade adherence. Directly delivers soothing essence to your skin. With main ingredient hyaluronic acid, you can see the long lasting and trouble soothing effect.

Packaging: ★★★★★

Regular mask sheet packaging but it contains more essence than other mask sheet brnads, it has 23 ml essence on it. Also, the sheet itself is big and fits well on face. It doesn’t come off even when I laugh hard watching k-drama or while I roam around the house.

Scent: ★★★★★

no scent


The mask fits well with the face and what I like about this product is that it has the eye part which is not seen on regular masks. With that you can really see that the brand cares even for your eye area. You can use the mask when you want to relax while closing eyes.  Also, after using one mask, you’ll really feel that your skin is moisturized.

Use mask after double cleansing and toner. Around 15-20 minutes only.


Tip: With the excess essence on the packaging, you can transfer it to an empty container and put a square cotton so that the essence will be absorbed and you can use them as diy masks as well.

Also, it’s been a trend in Korea for awhile and I’ve seen Daddoa (Youtube personality) do it mostly on her makeup tutorial. Before putting on makeup, use mask (I recommend this one so you’re sure of moisturizing) and you’re foundation will be flawless.

Another tip is done by 2NE1’s Sandara Park. She uses masks everyday of her life (she talked about it on Get It Beauty). I know it will be a bit pricey but it will really give great results. Gone are the days where you will only use masks at night before an important event. Mask everyday and get baby like skin like Sandara.

I know it’s really hard to follow the 10 step Korean skin care because you have to check on each ingredient if they match and which product are effective or which are not. It’s also expensive to maintain that so I also recommend that you do the four step skin care: double cleansing: cleansing oil/balm and facial wash/foam, toner, and lastly mask. You’ll get great results as well!


You can get all the Klairs products from one of our favorite online seller: SkinKraves! They also have an offline store in Baguio so you can check them out if you’re near. All of their products are onhand so no need to wait to achieve Korean skin!

Check out their platforms:

Facebook: facebook.com/skinkraves

Instagram: @skinkraves

Shopee: shopee.ph/kimchijib




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