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Meet the Korean accessory brand “Be Arum”!

As you might have known already, we here in Koreanophiles share more than just our love for music. We’ve shared things about beauty, as well!  Since beauty is beyond simply makeup and skincare products, allow us to share with you today our small review on this beautiful Korean accessory line.

Be Arum is a brand straight from Seoul and they create fine jewelry that, more often than not, have Korean letterings engraved down onto a part of them.  Their company name itself is as meaningful as their jewelry taglines, as “Arum” means “Beautiful”. With that in mind, this company hopes that everyone remembers to “Be Beautiful”!


Fun fact! Did you know that the Korean culture puts emphasis on balance and harmony? Be Arum integrates that into their pieces, too, as a gentle reminder that beauty is not only physical, but also internal.

As you’ve seen through the screen captures, Be Arum actually has a lot of accessories available for you to choose from. They also have various taglines that revolve around the aspect of beauty.  They can be at a quite high of a price, but the transaction and quality are definitely beyond good.


So far, I’ve gotten my hands on a ring from Be Arum and that’s what I’ll be talking about today.


I got the ring that has the message “ 있는 그대로가 아름다워”, which means “You are beautiful as you are”, and it retails for USD 61.


My order was placed in on January 23rd and I received my parcel on January 25th. For those who are interested but are worrying about customs tax, yes, I did have to pay over PHP 1,000 for customs (shame).


Other than the tax (which I don’t really have a choice but to pay, to be honest), everything else was good! The parcel was well packaged and the box came perfectly.


Once you open it, you’ll have a card with their signature tagline.

You’ll also get a care manual so that your jewelry stays at its best!

Their pieces are made of either sterling silver or 14K and 5K gold, so there are methods on keeping and cleaning them.


The jewelry itself comes in a small pouch. Open it up and you’ll have your new beauty piece!


I bought the ring in size Small, which is 10-12 in Asia size or 5 ½-6/14 in US size, and though it’s quite loose on my ring finger, it fits perfectly on my middle and pointer!

The ring actually has a small gap at the side, not only for functional purposes, but also to signify that in one’s existence, the inner and outer, despite being different and “separated” aspects, still harmoniously creates a whole being in the end. This in turn means that your inner and outer beauty coincides and creates your unique self.


The Korean lettering on the ring is quite small but very much seeable. This simple printing method further highlights the piece’s minimalistic vibe.

I find this accessory to be very beautiful, in my honest opinion. I wear it everyday, not only because the message is significant, but also because it’s so easy to pull off! Not as in pull out of the finger, but to be able to match it with various fashion styles. It goes with any style and any time of the day! I definitely love and recommend Be Arum! Hats off to them for their excellent service and message. Buying another piece from them is not a blurry image, I tell you 😉


Visit Be Arum at www.bearum.kr




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