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Experience Unique Korean Food in Manila!

Korean restaurants are no doubt growing in population here in Manila, and each of them are competing against each other by offering various dining concepts. Our feature for today offers the experience of eating your meal off a frying pan. Yes, a frying pan! Sounds odd, but it’s actually interesting! Read on to find out how our meal at ;;‘GoKain’ it went!

Location: 2nd floor, University Mall, Taft, Manila

Just from the set up of the place itself, one can already tell that this restaurant is a good hang-out place. The place has an autumn theme and they set out neat, wooden tables to fuel the autumn vibe. They play various of music, and yes, they do insert in a couple of K-pop here and there so hooray for that!

Once seated, they’ll serve you with the basic utensils, water, two side-dishes and a tissue that you unravel with the help of water. Quite sad there aren’t much side-dishes, though.

All of their meals are priced at PHP 190. They have dalk-galbi, bulgogi, samgyeopsal, curry, and much more. So with PHP 190, you get your meal and two unlimited-refill side dishes. No drinks yet, unfortunately. I ordered the Samgyeopsal, and voila, this is how it was served:
It came with greens, an egg, rice, and some creamy macaroni salad!

Taste wise, it’s not bad. The serving size is perfect for my appetite too. Not fully Korean, though, in my opinion. The kimchi and sauce do add up to the Korean feel, but without those two, I feel as if the meal is not authentically Korean. The salads weren’t exactly my cup of tea because of the after taste, but it was nonetheless a nice experience because of the frying pan plates!

If you want to have a shot for yourself, visit them at University Mall from 10am to 9pm, their staff will warmly welcome you 🙂



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