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Discover The Legend Of The Blue Sea’s Filming Sites In South Korea

Feel the love as you stroll around The Legends of the Blue Sea’s filming locations!

K-Dramas have boomed once again and it no doubt that The Legends of the Blue Sea is one of todays hottest shows. The drama is led by Lee Minho and Jun Jihyun, two of Korea’s award-winning actors! This drama also interestingly features both olden and modern Korean age! All the twists and turns in this story definitely makes this worth a watch! Now, if you have watched this drama, or if you’ve just heard of it but want to visit its filming sites anyway, allow us to help you with this list!


  1.  National Palace Museum of Korea

Curious as to where Lee Minho’s modern-day character went to see his portrait from years ago in episode 9? That museum is actually the National Palace Museum of Korea!

To get there, ride Seoul Subway’s Line 3 and get off at Gyeongbokgung station. Exit at Exit 5 and the museum should be a 5 minute walk from there on!

  1. Riverland Spa

Into saunas? Or do you at least want to try one? Why not go to the one where our favourite mermaid stayed at when she ran away from home during episode 11?

To get there, ride the subway and get off at Gangbyeon station.

  1. Vivaldi Park Ski World

If you’re in for an adventure outside Seoul, you might want to visit the ski resort featured in episode 6.

To get there, go to Seoul Sangbong Bus Station and take the bus for Hongcheon Bus Terminal. Once there, get on bus #70-1 or 70-2. To be brought to the ski resort.

  1. Aqua Planet

Want to go to the aquarium that Lee Minho visits on his birthdays in hopes of finding his mum? That aquarium is the Aqua Planet in Yeosu! If you’re going to be visiting, go to the 360-degree dome and Ocean Life area’s main aquarium to relive some of the drama’s scenes!

To get there, just go to Yeosu-Expo station. It would be about 15 minutes worth of walking from there on!

  1. Pocheon Art Valley

Remember in the second episode, when lanterns were set out on the air? This scene was filmed in the beautiful Pocheon Art Valley!

To get there, head over to Cheongnyangni Station Transit C and go to the bus stop. Hop onto bus #3200 and get off at Pocheon Health Center Bus Stop. Once out, cross the street to get on the Pocheon Health Center Bus Stop bound for the opposite direction. Hop onto bus #87-1 to Cheonjusa Temple, then walk to Pocheon Art Valley!

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