Discover The Goblin’s Filming Sites In South Korea

Still riding the Goblin wave? It’s hard to get over and move on from this chart-topping drama, we know. Apart from the cast and plot, the places they filmed at looked pretty aesthetic, or was it just us? With places as pretty as these, we’re not keeping the dishing of information all to ourselves! We’re here to share with you some of Goblin’s filming sites! For your future photo spots, perhaps?

Goblin’s Home

Goblin’s home isn’t actually exactly a home in real life; it’s a part of Deokseong University in Seoul!

Hanmi Bookstore

This yellow bookstore actually appeared several times in the drama. The interiors were shown in Episode 8, while the exteriors were quite prominent in Episode 9. This is all the way in Incheon, so just take the subway and get onto Line 1’s DongIncheon station and leave at Exit 1!

JumunJin Beach

Remember the scene where the Goblin met the bride for the second time around? With a beautiful water scenery as the background? That’s filmed in Jumunjin beach, located in Gangreung, Gangwon-do!

Seasonal field in Gochang, Jella Province

Now, this field is termed as seasonal since what blooms varies every season. The buckwheat flowers are out during the Autumn season, if you’d like to pay the drama’s set a visit. Do note that this is outside of Seoul, as well, so be ready for some exploring.

Moka Bookstore

This bookstore accessible by Seoul’s Seongsu Subway Station appears in the episode in which the goblin was summoned when the bride blew a flame off. The wall artsy paintings look pretty cool, don’t they? Talk about photo worthy!

Zino Café

Anybody remember the date supposedly in a restaurant in Quebec? It’s actually shot in a European-themed set in Seoul! It’s called Zino Café and it’s located in Paju!

Yongap Station

Again, this appeared quite a lot in the drama, but it can probably be best remembered as the place where Sunny and the Grim Reaper first met.

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