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Our Favorite Gender Bender Korean Dramas

Maybe you entered the kdrama land when you got hooked with the refreshing gender-bender plot back in the day, but lately it’s a rare sight in kdramas. It’s not used as a plot previously because people say it’s already overused. The current airing drama starring Kim So Hyun and Jang Dong Yoon has a refreshing twist to it that will make you come back to these gender bender dramas. Gender Bender = When a person behaves or dresses like the opposite sex ; When the person bends expected gender roles…

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Songs we recommend for Autumn season

It’s autumn season and just like changing your wardrobe, you should also match your playlist with fall vibe. There are tons of great K-pop songs fit for the autumn season but here are the songs we play on repeat and we would like to recommend. Apink’s “LUV” Pink Luv- Pink is the 5th mini album by Apink which was released on November 24,2014. “Luv” is the title of the album’s lead single. Apink received 17 trophies in music shows with “Luv”, which is still the highest number of wins for…

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Korean Actors with Youtube accounts you should follow now

So you’ve known this actor through the drama they were in. But you’re super curious as to how they really are in real life. Fret not, Youtube will make you get to know them and what they do in their normal lives or even behind the scenes from their work. Here are some of the Korean actors and actresses that started broadcasting their life in Youtube. Park Seo Joon He debuted in 2011 for a music video of Bang Yong Guk’s single “I Remember”. He is popularly known for his…

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