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BLOGMAS #4: What to Splurge on Yourself this Christmas

BLOGMAS = that special time of year when bloggers share anything related to Christmas till the 25th of December.

It’s that time of the year when splurging for yourself doesn’t make you that much guilty. This Christmas gives you reason to spend a bit and treat yourself with those products that are actually not much necessary but a great addition to your life.

We’ve listed the products that are actually possible to splurge on yourself:

1) Bigbang MADE Album

bigbang made

It’s actually hard to justify to some parents that K-pop albums are also part of a Koreanophile’s life. But this coming Christmas, you can now have millions of reasons to have it and what a great timing is that, this special album has just been released recently. Make sure to get a copy of this one because this is their last album before enlistment and it will be years of waiting again for them to be complete and rock our world with their group’s music.


2) Roundtrip ticket to South Korea

N Seoul Tower 😍😍😍 Tag that friend that also dreams of seeing this in person ❤️

A photo posted by koreanophiles.com (@koreanophiles) on

This might be on a special case because we need quite an ample amount of money to make it happen. Maybe you’re thinking it’s also hard to get tickets nowadays on the usual cheap airlines because it’s a peak season. Worry not because Jeju Air (yes, Song Joong Ki’s endorsement) is having a holiday sale. Their roundtrip ticket MNL-ICN can range from Php 5,000 and up. Better check their Facebook or Website.

Well about the hotels, itinerary, food etc. you can send us a request and we’ll try our best to come up with a budget friendly recommendation <3


3) Taste that Korean Hanwoo/BBQ

How can we forget on splurging for food? If you’re into anything Korean then you must once in a while treat yourself with Korean Beef/BBQ just like how the female lead always asks it to their chaebol oppas (male lead). There are lots of authentic Korean restaurants here in the Philippines where you can taste the goodness of Hanwoo/Korean BBQ.


4) Concert Ticket to watch K-pop Idols


You can also spend your holiday vacation watching and experiencing a K-pop concert. There’s a lot of Kpop acts coming to PH like GOT7, BTOB and Jay Park. Also, Pulp Live World /Happee Sy hinted about their upcoming on the first half of 2017 so maybe you can do #iponing starting from now.


5) LANEIGE Song Hye Kyo and Lee Sung Kyung products

laneige cushion

Maybe you’ve restrained yourself this year on not buying Korean makeup products and/or copying what your fave Korean stars used. Like for example when Song Hye Kyo dabbed on that Laneige cushion on “Descendants of the Sun” or when you saw Lee Sung Kyung’s luscious two toned lips on “Doctors” and her new drama “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” and you only got frustrated and didn’t buy it because let’s all be honest, it’s way pricier than Philippine drugstore brands.

Because we know how you feel and it’s really time to treat yourself this year, we recommend you the shop that sells the authentic Laneige products that Song Hye Kyo and Lee Sung Kyung used. They sell the items in cheaper price than malls and not only that they granted us a discount code for one week (You can use them in all their onhand items). Meaning you can get the Laneige cushion and Two tone lip bars on a cheaper price + 10% off discount + free shipping!

Just state the discount code: KOREANOPHILES and you’ll get the perks. Discount code is available from December 20-30 only.

Buy them at SHOPEE: beehave_shop or you can search Amore A More. They carry not only Authentic Korean products but also US Cosmetics and more.

Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion in Shade 23C Cool Sand:

laneige cushion laneige cushion laneige cushion laneige cushion

Before and After:

laneige cushion


Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar in shade No. 2 Red Blossom and No. 5 Daring Darling:

 No. 2 Red Blossom:

laneige two tone lip bar red blossom laneige two tone lip bar red blossom

On the lips:

laneige two tone lip bar red blossom


No. 5 Daring Darling:

laneige two tone lip bar daring darling laneige two tone lip bar daring darling

On the lips:laneige two tone lip bar daring darling laneige two tone lip bar daring darling



So what are you waiting for? Shop online, offline for the things you’ve been wanting badly and treat yourself this Christmas! <3

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