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BLOGMAS #5: Korean food for Christmas

BLOGMAS = that special time of year when bloggers share anything related to Christmas till the 25th of December.

Christmas is not complete without the great food on our tables and every time the season comes we can’t think out of food to bring or prepare for our family and with this, we’ve prepared a set of dishes perfect for the 25th!

  1. Kyochon’s best selling Honey Garlic Spring Chicken “Marinated for 24 hours in our special seasoning, then fried to perfection and coated with natural honey sauce. Sweet and sticky, but never runny.”   
  2. Try the newest Korean-Style Pizza Kimchi & Bacon from Mr.Pizza – Since you’re a Koreanophile, kimchi will not/ never be absent on your plate! 
  3. Do you want yourself to cook this Christmas? Learn how too prepare Japjae (잡채) on this video!                    Japchae (Glass noodles stir-fried with vegetables: 잡채)
  4. The menu is not complete without the dessert! You guys must try these fancy cakes from Tous Les Jours, TLJ is offering Christmas Chocolate Grande, Merry Donutmas, Christmas Santa, Christmas Snow Red Velvet, Christmas Dark Chocolate Cake and The Simpson Snow Sledge cakes.

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