Best Product To Achieve The Korean Eyeliner Style

Most Koreans go for the subtle eyeliner look as they are known for that “natural makeup” style. But we can’t also forget the signature thick eyeliner for monolids that are rocked by 2NE1’s CL, Brown Eyed Girls Gain, Ailee and many more. As a Koreanophile, we tend to mimic our idols/unnies with their makeup style (and actually anything that we can achieve and afford lol).

It’s not that easy to find the perfect eyeliner product that will help you achieve both Korean and fierce eyeliner look. Also, there are millions of eyeliners out there but it’s hard to find the one that’s easy to use, doesn’t smudge etc etc.

Good thing, this Korean eyeliner product was launched. It’s actually sent by K-Beauty gods (if there is one) for us women who’s not a PRO in the eyeliner game. Specially to those who are just starting their makeup life, eyeliner is a challenge.

This product is raved by everyone in the Korean Beauty community. It’s actually part of almost everyone’s holy grail product, I believe.

The product I’m talking about is the Clio Kill Black Waterproof Pen Liner.

clio kill black eyelinerclio kill black eyeliner clio kill black eyeliner

This has been around for years and I believe there’s not much product that can par to this.

The famous Korean Eyeliner Style:

clio kill black eyeliner

Tip: If you’re new to eyeliner, start at the middle part of the eyes, line it bit by bit downward and extend a bit to make your eyes look longer. Then connect the middle part to the inner corner of your eyes. In that way, you can be sure that your eyeliner will be thin and also even. While doing your eyeliner, another tip to make it easy is that, always place the mirror below or at your eye level. This product is great because it’s easy to create a thin line because of the brush and also it’s smudge proof and waterproof (legit)!


The CL-Gain Eyeliner Style:

Tip: For the cat eye look, better start with the fleek. With this product, you can just angle it up and smoothly slide it to the edge of your eyes.


You can get the Clio Kill Black Waterproof Pen Liner here.

Yeppeun Korean Skincare Shoppe also sent us the April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Pink which I believe is a color correcting cushion. It’s in number 4 which is a beige type.  The beige one helps cover flaws naturally and is recommended for dark skin tone, uneven skin tone, and dull skin tone.

April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Pink April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Pink April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Pink


It’s actually an okay product. It covers some of the redness of my face and gives a natural glow. But maybe because it’s actually intended for dark skin tone that’s why I can’t see that much greatness of the product.

You can get everyone’s holy grail eyeliner product Clio Kill Black Waterproof Pen Liner product and the April Skin Correcting Cushions through Yeppeun – Korean Skincare Shoppe.

It’s a retail shop of guaranteed authentic Korean Skincare and Cosmetic products. You can check them out on Instagram : @yeppeunshoppe and you can also request products through @yeppeunshoppe on Twitter as well!




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