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Best Korean Lip Products of 2016

Because 2016 will soon end and 2017 is fast approaching, we’ve listed the Korean lip products that we think shined throughout this year!

Korean lip products are known to be good competitors and dupes for high end brands and also for their out of this world categories when it comes to lip products – from lipsticks, oil stain, ink stain, water tint, tinted balm, lip tattoo, lip cushion, and many more!

2016 is a “matte” year not only for the westerners but we’ve also noticed that it has been a hit to Korean beauty addicts.

Kylie Lip Kits, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kat Von D, Colourpop, Jeffree Star and many more reigned this year but Korean brands have their counterpart as well (and they’re not just liquid lipsticks yet they’re matte finish).

Peripera’s Peri Ink Velvet

This Peripera Ink line maintained it’s popularity in 2016. Many loved the original version which is the Peri’s Ink and when the brand launched the velvet one, it rises its popularity rapidly and has been part of almost everyone’s vanity.

peripera ink velvet

You can get the Peripera here.

I’m Lip Crayon

I’m Meme is owned by Memebox and most of their products are decent. This lip crayons joined our list for it’s cheaper version of Nars Lip Pencils. The product has the sheer version and also the matte ones.

im meme crayon memebox

You can get the I’m Lip Crayons here.


Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint and Lipstick

When the wine lip products were launched it paved the way to a new trend. Everyone was curious and talking about it for it’s unique concept – from the packaging- to it’s smell. Having high expectation of the product quality, true enough, it will not disappoint you! The brand Labiotte became super popular this year not only in Korea but also to International fans. And if you didn’t know, it was in one of EXO’s song lyrics (from the track “LOTTO”).

labiottte wine lip tintlabiottte wine lip tint

On Full Lips (Wine Lip Tint):labiottte wine lip tint labiottte wine lip tint

Shade: RD01 Shiraz Red


Verdict: LASTING POWER = SUPERB. Not a fan of the smell but it’s bearable. Overall, worth the hype! Recommended for foodies who still want to look fab even after all the eating, lol. This product is perfect for those who’s busy/lazy to touch up.

You can get the Wine Lip Tint here.

labiottte wine lip tintAfter the lip tint hype, they launched the wine lipsticks later this year which is a moisturizing with sheer finish.

labiottte wine lipstick labiottte wine lipsticklabiottte wine lipstick labiottte wine lipstick

On Gradient Lips (Wine Lipstick):

labiottte wine lipstick labiottte wine lipstick

On Full Lips (Wine Lipstick):

labiottte wine lipstick labiottte wine lipstick

Shade: RD01 Grenache Red

Verdict: I like this product because it’s moisturizing and it’s easy to create a natural gradient look and it doesn’t have that strong smell from the tint. But this one doesn’t last as long as the wine tint. What’s great about this product is that it comes with a tip to clean up or create the ombre lips.

You can get the Wine Lipstick here.



Pony Effect Stayfit Matte Lip Colour

Pony Effect by famous Youtuber Pony’s Makeup is one of the rising products this year. Many embraced her products ever since it was launched but the ones that gained lots of great reviews are her lip products specifically her Stayfit Matte Lip Colour that followed the liquid lipstick trend. What’s great about this matte lip product is that it has wild colors to choose from and not the usual Korean colors : pink, coral, red, etc. Also my favorite Youtubers (Edward Avila and Joan Keem) raved about them as well (if they say it’s great, I trust them wholeheartedly lol).

pony effect #fantastic pony effect #fantastic pony effect #fantasticpony effect #fantastic

On Gradient Lips (Pony Effect Stayfit Matte Lip Colour):

pony effect #fantastic pony effect #fantastic

On Full Lips (Pony Effect Stayfit Matte Lip Colour):

pony effect #fantastic pony effect #fantastic

Shade: #Fantastic

Verdict : I can say that it’s actually better than Colourpop. It glides easily, the color is very pretty (brick red-ish), it’s not drying also #fantastic is somewhat the Korean version to Jeffree Star’s Unicorn Blood, Kat Von D’s Vampira, etc. I love this lip product <3


There’s a lot of online stores selling Korean beauty products but very few carry Pony Effect and Bien’s Beauty Bliss, our trusted one when it comes to that brand. They just know the pulse of a Pony fan ㅋㅋㅋ. So if you’re in the Philippines and in the lookout on where to buy this brand, just order/pre-order/ask/plead to Bien’s Beauty Bliss!

You can get the Pony Effect  Stayfit Matte Lip Colour here.


3CE x Lily Maymac Matte Lip Color (MLBB)

It hasn’t been long since the 3CE x Lily Maymac collaboration was launched but we still chose to include it in the list because girl, you need to know and must have it. Actually, it’s quite hard to find in Korea because it’s still on it’s hype.  The colors are for the MLBB (My Lips But Better) trend which Lily Maymac always wear. I actually got attracted to it not because of Lily Maymac but because of the packaging. Dang girl, it screams CLASS. I haven’t tried them yet (I’ll have a thorough review if ever) but many actually gave great feedback on it.

3ce lily maymac

You can get the 3CE x Lily Maymac Matte Lip Color here.

You can check out all the products of Bien’s Beauty Bliss:

Instagram: @biensbeautybliss

How about you? What’s your favorite Korean lip product this 2016? Feel free to comment your suggestions below!

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