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10 Signs You’re Getting The K-Drama Addiction

We listed the 10 signs that will prove that you’re already getting that “K-Drama” Addiction, so let’s start!


1) Late ka na matulog, almost everyday. (Kasi nga, naghahanap ka ng mga K-drama na sunod papanoorin)

     You sleep late nowadays. (Because you’ve been checking out several Korean dramas to watch)


2) Bigla mo na lang gusto kumain ng any Korean food. (Hindi ka naman dati fan ng kimchi, ramyun, kimbap etc. pero ngayon gusto mo na siya kainin.)

     You now crave for Korean food. (Before, Korean food is not on your fave list but now, you’re craving for it)

Let's eat! ❤️

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Feed your hungry tummy with these ❤️ © @sssunny._

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3) Kilala mo and actually “BES” mo na sina Annyeong Oppa, Saranghae Oppa, Love Me Oppa and many more. (Bes, relate ka sa mga memes nila and repost all you can po)

     You know Annyeong Oppa, Saranghae Oppa, Love Me Oppa and you call each other “BES”.

annyeong oppa


4) Palagi mo na kasama sa buhay ang “Annyeong”/”Annyeonghaseyo”/”Oppa” word. (Conversation, Facebook Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram status)

    “Annyeong”/”Annyeonghaseyo”/”Oppa” is always included in your vocabulary. (Whether conversation or SNS posts)

(c) pic to owner


5) Hinahanap mo ginamit na lipstick, bag, stuff toy ni Oppa or Ate Gurl sa K-Drama na pinanood/pinapanood mo.

     You look for the things the celebrities used in the K-drama you’re watching. 


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6) Inaalam mo lahat ng bagay about sa mga K-Drama leads (Dramas, Endorsement, SNS Account, Favorite Food, Next Project etc). Stalking has never been this good ang peg. Saving pictures, gif, etc!

     You search everything about the K-Drama leads (From their previous and latest dramas, Endorsement, SNS Account, Favorite Food, Next Project etc)


7) Abangers ka pa rin sa Seat Sale but this time, Seoul na palagi yung destination. (Bet na bet mo makapunta sa mga shooting locations ng K-Drama na pinanood mo)

     You always watch out for seat sale (airlines) and Seoul is always the destination. (You want to visit all the drama locations from your favorite K-Drama)

Yes oppas, I’m coming!!!!


8) “How to be you po ateng” peg! Search all you can ka na sa mga tips ng kutis koreana, no makeup makeup tutorial ni ate girl sa k-drama

     You search tips, tricks, tutorials on how to have Korean skin, how to achieve the makeup of actresses etc. 

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9) Hindi na lang si Lee Min Ho ang favorite mo. Actually, tinatanong mo sa sarili mo if siya pa or may iba na T.T (♫Sino ang iibigin ko? Ikaw ba na pangarap ko? O, sya bang kumakatok sa puso ko?♫)

     You’re contemplating whether Lee Min Ho is still your number 1 Korean actor. (♫ insert KZ Tandingan’s song here♫)

Reaction to newly discovered K-drama actors:

His reaction:

10) You’re reading this post. Umabot ka pa nga sa number 10! ㅋㅋㅋ

No worries because we’re here not to get you out of “addiction” but we’re here to help you and be your access/gateway to Korean Invasion! Let’s fangirl/fanboy together, share our feels, and be the Koreanophile BFF you always needed!

Be one of us and embrace being a Koreanophile! <3

Koreanophile(s) = Someone addicted to anything Korean.

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